3 thoughts on “His Film

  1. I would personally love to see this. Such a touching story and a topic that hits all too close to home, especially living 15 minutes from Oshkosh. Any way I could have that opportunity? Thank you so much.


  2. How can those of us who live in places with no screenings see this documentary? Such an important and very tragic story – thank you for sharing this with everyone. I wish your son could be here now with a happy ending to this journey.


    • Right now the film is only being shown at festivals and interest groups. Next week it is being shown to law makers on Capitol Hill. You can read the journals though, and if you have a group that would like to see the film, you can get a license to show it by contacting Biscuit TV at The Biscuit Factory in Virginia. Let me know if you would like contact information or how to get a copy of the book. As for a happy ending, an end to prescription heroin would make me very happy and save many, many lives. Hugs, Jane


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