His journals


Matt’s published! Yes, Post-Mortem but still a published author. You can read every journal entry from beginning to end. What I Couldn’t Tell You by Matthew Edwards and Jane Funk is available on Amazon.com. I hope many, many people read what he couldn’t tell anyone but wanted everyone to know. You will find his entries not only shocking due to the day-to-day life of a junkie but also shocking due to his humanity in the face of failure and self-loathing. Reading his journals in their entirety will help you understand the reasons our nation is gripped in an epidemic.


3 thoughts on “His journals

  1. As a former heroin addict(5 years clean) it’s hard to read this as it hits home so very hard. God bless you for sharing in the hopes it helps one still in the grip of that devil drug. Would love to read Matt’s journals in their entirety…as hard as I know it will be.


  2. Following a special person as I read this. Praying she’ll be found and able to tell her story someday. You are a blessing to many by sharing your sons journal. Big hugs momma!

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