Monday October 5, 2009, rated 5 (pain in abdomen, Farve, the seasons)

Another average day today.  Work was busy, not only for a Monday, but also because we expected it would be slow for the PACKER GAME OF THE CENTURY.  Favre is playing against the Packers for the first time ever; it’s not looking good for the Pact.  The game is in progress right now.

I have a strange pain that is constant in my lower right abdomen.  Dont know what it is , but I’ve been shitting noting but water for the better part of the last 2 weeks.  I hope it’s not crohns or UC (VC?) or something worse.  I first noticed the pain back in July but thought it was simply taking too much APAP (whatever that is, MM?).  I will find out next week Wednesday when I see my doctor.

October is in full swing, but it was nice today, almost 60 degrees out;  I already miss my 80 degree days!!!

Intake:  Ø day 4, NOTHING at all!!

I appreciate every comment

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