Need anyone’s help

Need anyone’s help.

Like this blogger said, Methadone is evil. How much is spent on these clinics by us? How much could instead be spent on free treatment for users? Why is a progam that doesn’t work being funded? Drug companies are making a great deal off the sale of Methadone, that’s why.

2 thoughts on “Need anyone’s help

  1. Hello there. I am not sure how much you are educated on methadone and suboxone as opiate replacement therapies. It’s a little disheartening to hear a drug that helps opiate addicts, called “evil”. If it doesn’t work, it isn’t becuse of the drug. How can someone blame a thing for their addiction? It’s like blaming your boss, your family, your spouse, the weather, your finances, or any other “excuse” you can come up with, for the fact that you lack the will power, determination, and hard work required to remain a clean and sober recovering addict. These drugs are not “miracle cures”, they are crutches to lean on, to help you walk while you retrain your brain to stop thinking like an addict, and change people, places, and things in your life that will ultimately lead you right back to drugs. I am a recovering addict that uses opiate replacement therapy.I work very hard at my recovery, and if I fail, it is through no fault of a pill. Common sense. It will simply be because I gave in, gave up, and decided to take the easy way out.


    • Hi Kelly,
      So very happy you are kicking this beast! So happy you have found something that is working! But, you are the first of many that I have read that have used methadone successfully. If you find anything here that you disagree with, please express that. I am learning. What I learned from my son’s journals was that he used Methadone to augment his street use and prescriptions. From what I could gather, the clinics didn’t even check to see if he was actually in a program, was making any attempts to stay clean, and would welcome him back quite easily after being dirty. As with anything there are two sides and plenty of grey in the middle. Have you seen Echo’s rant on Methadone? That is the typical blog entry I have been seeing. However, on the otherside, Latoya’s blog mentalnotes1 supported suboxone as she works in a clinic. Overall, I believe that like you said, successs depends on hard work. It’s just that not everyone has what it takes left in their mental state to undergo this work; they need support. I would like to see less cops and more free treatment for addicts. I would like to see the general population change their views of addicts as lazy, weak, babies that just need to straighten up and take it. It’s just not that simiple and cops just don’t work.
      Thanks for your post! I welcome any other posts! Keep up the fight! And, I mostly hope my link didn’t discourage you at all.
      Hugs, Matt’s mom


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