Go to sleep little babe


My wealth, my life, my breath,

all has been humbled by a death,

yet half is gaining awareness,

while other is memory dearest,

Go to sleep little babe.


For I see only as in a mirror,

glass of time making clearer.

Sweet is the worn memory

reflective pool of melancholy.

Go to sleep little babe.


Healing found in maladies

Pleasure dome of mystery

Xanadu hath him enthrall,

Skylark nights do now call.


Momma, momma far from me

of will I fell in waters deep

Mercy, hear my lonesome cry

as Grace’s harvest let me die.

I fear, the wicked are brought down.


Momma, Who will sing for me?

I have come to cross a silent sea.


Flowing water lullaby, sleepy little babe

Stop your weepy, sleepy  pretty babe

Towers fallen, Satan’s power through

Go to sleep little babe, I will sing for you.

Even in death the righteous have a refuge.


I see the pain in your breast

You are weary go and rest

No more stairs in tower is bidding

Seems dark light is swiftly fading

Brighter scenes they soon will show.





2 thoughts on “Go to sleep little babe

  1. As I read your blog in it’s entirety, tears ran down my face. I cried for Matt who’s life had ended way too soon and how scared and hopeless he must have felt at times. I cried for you as I could feel your pain and the love you had for Matt with every word I read. I cried for me as I fear that my addiction is getting the better of me and I don’t see a way out. My struggles are so similar to those written in Matts journal. Thank you for sharing his story. I feel a connection to him without ever even meeting him.


    • Hey Kim, thanks so much for visiting here; I am so very blessed that you were able to see his journals. And, ya, I thought your stories were scary-same. I had the journals for almost two years now and thought how selfish I would be not to take the risk and share them. I hesitate every time I look at that darn ‘publish’ button. But, I am hoping that they will help others see that they are not alone. I am also hoping to put out another prescription pain-killer killed story that will change current practices. But, you had better not be another one of those! You know you write very well! I bet you could easily get a job writing. Hopefully, you can write about how you punched drugs right square in the mouth. Do me a huge favor and bloody that bastard. And, if you ever need to talk, just email me, and I will give you my number. I bet Matt would have had a lot to say to you. Hopefully, his last words here give you the strength to beat this beast.
      Matt’s mom, Jane


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