Echo’s Rant on Methadone

Echo’s Rant on Methadone.


If you know or have known a junkie, I suggest reading this piece. So much of it rings true for me as my son died of these addictions. And, many of the pharmaceutical companies are getting quite wealthy off of addiction. My son used methadone regularly in addition to his heroin/oxy/valium/etc. use. My question is why the US Gov. spends so much time trying to keep pot and cocaine out of the US while subsidizing and promoting opiates, a much more addictive and harmful set of drugs? I wonder how many lobbyists big pharm employs. I wonder if south-of-the-border drug lords should get some lobbyists.


6 thoughts on “Echo’s Rant on Methadone

  1. My mom just read your comment that you posted on my “Hating” poem. She remarked about the wisdom of your comment and the beauty of your words: “beautifully sad, hatefully loving, and hopefully desperate”. She remembered that Indiana used to say things like “Mom, do you even know me? Do you even know who I am?” Anyway, just thought you would like to know.


    • Thank you so much for the appreciation, but it was your poetry that elicited the thoughts. So, more important the impetus for the words than the response it brought. I read your comment here several days ago and have been contemplating your brother’s words. Not being there and not knowing him, I can only surmise that he might actually want to tell you who he is, or at least who he ‘feels’ he is. This may be a good starting point for conversation as to if that is who he wants to be. I’ve found love to be a much stronger message and bridge that frightened people will cross. Love does take acceptance though. Hard to do especially when the pain inflicted has been so great. And, yes, thank you for letting me know. Your response was very edifying!


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